What Is Your Shadow Work Readiness Score?

Shadow work is the process of freeing yourself from the blocks that are holding you back in life. It is releasing the past and learning to love and accept yourself fully so that you can step into the fullness of your authentic self. It is how you step into your power and purpose.

In the results, you’ll get an assessment of where you are in your shadow work readiness and what the next step is for you to move forward on your path - as well as a better understanding of the path itself.

Let’s see what your readiness score is!

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What Best And Most Truly Describes You?

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Complete this sentence “When I get angry I…”

How long do you wait to express something that upsets you?

When you make promises to yourself do you:

When you really want to do something do you:

Where do you fall on your own priority list?

When thinking about doing something big for yourself

How open are you to receiving/abundance?